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What We Do....!

Besides having a special team for handling refugee rights it has a specialized wing for NRM based interventions with focus on biodiversity, eco-farming, organic approach, chain completion, value addition with Intensified Integrated Farming Systems (IIFS). Janakalyan has also specialized in health, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation and education to mothers and children through various innovative strategies and community based monitoring mechanisms. Education has remained as one of its focal area since from the inception and has developed a pool of experiences in addressing the issues like drop out, slow learners, child labors, vocational training, remedial coaching, etc. along with the formal education programs.

The major activity-frames of Janakalyan are-

All these are centered to 4 holy mothers –

  1. Manavi-mata (Woman),
  2. Bhoo-mata (Soil),
  3. Go-mata (Animal) and
  4. Gangamata (Water).

Janakalyan believes in empowerment and sustainability strategies and all its programs are designed with these core principles. Accountability and transparency are core values of Janakalyan and maintained at all levels to its highest level. Janakalyan never considers itself an alternative to Government but a watchdog for the community. It does believe itself as an assisting agency for the Government in developing the nation and its citizens.

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