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“Water is life; quality and quantity in rural India is an issue that need attention of all individuals”

Give water to the farming communities, they will feed the nation; like a house to an urban family, a water harvesting structure is important for a rural farming family. Therefore, we preach the farmer to excavate a water harvesting structure in their farm instead of building a house for their children.

Water conservation, ground water recharge, more crop per drop, water budgeting, judicious application of water for cultivation, irrigation management, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, rooftop water harvesting, etc. are some of the efforts of Janakalyan to ensure quality and quantity of water for drinking as well as irrigation.

“Mother Ganga (water), you protect my life but never ask me to pay back.” As a cultured human being, I have a role to play towards your well being, though one can never give back what you have given me, but still this is just an effort towards this direction.......


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