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Vision Mission & Goal....!


Creation of an enabling healthy environment where all individual has equal access to and control over the Social, cultural, Educational and Political Institutions with an economically secured livelihood.


Janakalyan exists to empower the four holy mothers so that an economically secured healthy atmosphere is developed where all individual identity has their deserved status through institution building by 2020.

Our Goal:

JANAKALYAN exists to serve 4 holy mothers viz.

  Our Services to the mankind:
Janakalyan took birth in 1997 to innovate in the field of rural development and the major products of Janakalyan
   which have made overwhelming impacts on the lives and livelihoods of communities are -

  1. Jan Sanghatan (Community Organising)
  2. Jan Krishi (Innovaton in agriculture)
  3. Jan Jal (Water Resource Development.
  4. Jan Shakti (Renewable Energy Harnessing)
  5. Jan Raksha (Health for all)
  6. Jan Udyog ( Entrepreneursip Development)
  7. Jan Shiksha (Reaching the Un-reached)
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