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Mother Earth is the sacred place; it gives air, water, food and what not in addition to space for our safe living”

Next to the mother, earth has the greatest contribution on human being by providing us an environment for our survival. It gives everything a human being needs, food, shelter and clothes but in return we give her nothing but the wastes. Mother earth converts all such wastes into its food again to provide a neat, clean and safe environment to its beloved children like us.

One has the moral responsibility to save the earth not for the well being of mother earth but for the benefits of oneself. Soil erosion, soil degradation, salinity, alkalinity, deforestation, stagnation, non-decomposable usage, inorganic farming, etc. are the diseases to mother earth. Global warming and climate change are the result of these acts of human being.

“Mother earth, you gave me everything but you never ask me to pay back.” As a cultured human being, I have a role to play towards your well being, though one can never give back what you have given me, but still this is just an effort towards this direction.......



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