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These are periodic reports (as per the donor criteria and in donor prescribed format) prepared at regular intervals of project implementation. It covers both process as well as progress of our interventions. In addition, some of these also reports the impacts at the end of the project period, if it is completion or final report.

Raichur is an agriculturally predominant district and almost 73% of the total working population is directly dependent on agriculture as their source of livelihoods. At the same time, the asset-base of the district is very poor, especially the productive assets required to improve the agricultural productivity. The following table gives some basic information about the dependency of the district on agriculture for their livelihoods.


Major Occupations / livelihood Options of the People of Raichur District-

Non-working population Working Population Total Population
Cultivator Agricultural laborers Household activities Other Services
937000 206680 328491 14473 183118 1669762
56% 28% 45% 2% 25%  

On the one hand, the livelihood analysis of demographic data depicts that about 45% of total population of Raichur is agricultural wage-earners, who needs additional employment (1st objective of NREGA) while another 28% of the population is cultivators, who needs the durable and productive agricultural assets to secure their livelihoods (2nd objective of NREGA).

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