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Our Principle....!

If we carefully observe the programs of Janakalyan, we find that almost all the programs of Janakalyan are focussed on Natural Resources like Water, Land, Crops, Livestock, Vegetation, etc. keeping human being in the center. Ecological balance is its objective. All its interventions are based on the following principle. The program, those Janakalyan is implementing to address the needs of the refugees is based on the principle, given below. The fundamental principle of selecting these sets of program is that each of these components are complementary to each other. It needs an integrated approach.

The Soil, Crops and Cow have unique dependency relationship with the Human Being, as shown in the figure. None of the element can maintain it’s health without the help of other three - is clear from the figure. However, Water has its own importance and effects on each of these elements. Therefore, the farm ponds are being constructed in each of the farms.

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