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The 16 Objectives of Janakalyan are-
  1. To implement development programs for child, woman & weaker sections.
  2. To implement programs for socio-economic status improvement of the communities.
  3. To implement programs for disabled, handicapped & street children.
  4. To develop & demonstrate new technologies, suitable for rural population in all the related fields and motivating the people to adopt it.
  5. To implement programs for healthy environment development.
  6. To implement poverty alleviation programs.
  7. To open and manage nursery, primary, middle and High Schools and also colleges of various disciplines including UG and PG courses in the field of medical, engineering, computer sciences, agriculture, social works and also in other disciplines, as may be found necessary from time to time.
  8. To run technical colleges such as DEd, BEd, ITI, Diploma, Engineering, Medical, Ayurvedic, etc.
  9. To run any kind of educational institutions for children, women and farmers of the country including KVK, RSK, etc.
  10. To conduct teachers training courses
  11. To open and manage reading rooms, Libraries with all kinds of facilities.
  12. To run adult education programs for the rural illiterate.
  13. To conduct skill up-gradation & vocational training programs for unemployed youths, women and farmers.
  14. In fulfillment of the objectives, it may seek any kind of assistance from various sources and take up any other activities as found necessary by the Governing Board.
  15. It may borrow the loans from various Government and Non-Govt. Organization.
  16. Publication of Journals, Magazines and Souvenir etc. in the public interest.
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