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Welcome to Maa Sarada Pre University College

We at Maa Sarada Pre University College aim at teaching 'How to Think' rather than 'What to Think.' To our belief, India can secure her respectable stand in the world through all round development. As per Indian philosophy, 'Character makes a man perfect' and hence character building is our top priority. Building multifaceted individualities by inculcating rich Indian values and cultural heritage along with imparting modern academic education in order to enable the forthcoming Indian generation to excel in the present competitive world is our aim.

The educational institutions are concentrated in towns, cities and metropolitans imparting education to the creamy layer of the society. All best known education institutions in India and abroad today take the best of the best students from upper strata of the society and therefore the good results are bound to come. However, could we ever think about those good or average students of unreached areas from the lower strata of the society who cannot reach these so called elite institutions, due to economic or other reasons?

These so called best education institutions are usually located in cities having polluted and busy environment with all sorts of risks to the students. These institutes basically detach the students from the natural environment. Therefore, there is a reverse trend that the students from cities are looking for institutions in rural areas to provide a fresh, rejuvenating and learning environment to the students.

Maa Sarada Pre University College is an institution which addresses all these issues; it is meant for those rural students who are left out of the elite institutions but yet provide an opportunity to the city students with state of art infrastructure in a fresh environment. If you want a safe and healthy environment for your child, please contact us for admission……

About Us
Maa Sarada Pre University College caters to the education needs of a special group of people of rural India. The target groups are the displaced refugees by armed conflicts and are doubly deprived as their social reservation is taken away in the place of their abode. They are economically backward and living here without even any social reservation which is due to them in their original place of abode. The institution is run for these victims by some of the victims of this armed conflict only residing within the community itself..
Contact Us
R H Colony No.4
Sindhanur Taluk, Raichur District, Karnataka 584143
ph: +91 8535 264488
alt: +91 8535 264140
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