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Logo & Its Meaning....!

Our Logo:

Janakalyan logo depicts its goal of serving four mothers in 4 arms of the + sign; the woman (manavimata), the soil (bhoomata), the animal (gomata) and the water (gangamata). The plus (+) sign also signifies that any person who wish to serve these mothers must posses the quality of a doctor and thus it has 4 colors; the red represents quality of a doctor of human beings (MBBS), the blue represents quality of a doctor of animals (BVSc), green represents quality of a doctor of crops (BScAg) and white represents quality of a doctor (MSW) who can change the mind and mindset of people. A person serving through Janakalyan must posses the qualities of all these 4 kinds of doctors in order to bring desired changes in the society.

We Worship. :

Janakalyan team worships its 4 holy mothers - 1) the manavi-mata, who has brought us on this earth, 2) the bhoo-mata, who has supported my life and growth, 3) the go-mata, who has protected me and the earth and 4) the ganga-mata who is otherwise called as life.
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