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Reaching the Un-reached children:
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Reaching the Un-reached children:
Education is the backbone of the Society - Janakalyan believes. It runs education institution for education of poor people, who cannot afford their children’s education in the nearby cities. Despite the availability of government schools, the parents send their children to fields to EARN instead of Schools to LEARN. To this serious and hazardous issue, Janakalyan responded by opening Special schools for child labors. Janakalyan has now realized the seriousness of the issue and has planned a full-fledged program to eliminate the issue from the area with multi-pronged activities. Child Labor Elimination Program (CLEP) is one such program to eradicate the child labor issue from the area and provide free & compulsory education to all the children below the age of 14 years. It is a Ministry of Labor supported program.

Slow Learners Promotion:
There are many slow learners in rural government schools, yet others are poor in mathematics. Janakalyan initiated an intervention in 20 villages of Sindhanur targeting 300 slow learners to help them to learn at par with other front benchers. The tools used are story cards, ARP, 3Rs, remedial coaching before and after the school hours, activity based learning, etc.

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