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  Renewable Energy for Livelihood

Renewable Sources of Energy Harnessing
The burden on ecology is increasing day by day, especially because the rural communities relying completely on ecology for firewood for cooking. Similarly, the farmers are also dependent on diesel and electricity for their farm operations starting from plowing till harvesting and winnowing.

Renewable Sources of Energy Harnessing (RSEH) is a program which aims at harnessing the renewable energy sources like solar, biogas, etc. It also reduces the burden on ecology by introducing the improved Chullah, solar cooker and Solar Drier for the rural and farming communities.


  • Energy Conservation
  • Renewable Sources of Energy Harnessing
  • Biogas plant for lighting and cooking
  • Improved Chullah
  • Solar Energy Utilization
  • Reduction of load on Ecology
  • Pedal / pressure pumps to lift water

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