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  Health for all animals including human-beings

Health for all animals including human-beings
Dairy Development and Cattle Breed Improvement Program:
Major Activities taken up under Jan Raksha
Behavioral Change Communication
Village Planning
Health, Hygiene and Sanitation
Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Health for all animals including human-beings
Cow is one animal which protects the health of human beings by providing milk, it protects soil health by cow dung and cow urine is used for plant protection. In addition, it gives subsidiary sources of income from the milk. Therefore, Janakalyan has initiated a program to promote dairy as an enterprise for these peasant communities both with the SHG members (women) and farmers. Under Jan Raksha, not only the initiatives for health of these animals are taken care but also the interventions are planned for the health of human beings. The Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation activities are also part of the Jan Raksha project of Janakalyan.

Dairy Development and Cattle Breed Improvement Program:
In this age of competitive world, a family cannot meet all its requirements from a sole occupation like agriculture which is almost a loss-making enterprise at the present context. A farmer also has all those requirements that of a city-dweller, especially in regards to education of their children. Land does not provide an opportunity to these farmers, if the holding is less than 5 acres without adequate irrigation facility. It is in this context, Janakalyan felt the need to provide subsidiary sources of income generation to the peasant communities which are complementary to agriculture and easy to manage without many technicalities.

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