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  Water Harvesting for Drinking & Irrigationg

Rooftop Water Harvesting:
Jal Samvardhan Yojana Sangh:
Livelihood Improvement through Water Harvesting:
Major Slogans of Janakalyan
Cost effective water application

Rooftop Water Harvesting:
Acute drinking water problem exists in almost all villages in the operational area of Janakalyan. The water is rationed through printed cards during the summer @ 1 pot for two persons per day. Janakalyan found that the water is available at their doorstep and even then they are simply blaming the administration. The normal annual average rainfall of the area is about 581.7mm. The roof surface of each household is about 15’x25’, which yields about 17000 liters of water at the annual average rainfall.

Rooftop Water Harvesting Program (RWHP) is introduced in drought prone areas of Sindhanur block in Raichur District with the support of CAPART. In addition to addressing the acute drinking water problem during the summer it also supplies green vegetables through Bio-Intensive Garden (BIG) using the surplus water.

Jal Samvardhan Yojana Sangh:
Karnataka Community Based Tank Management Program (KCBTMP) is a World Bank assisted program through Jal Samvardhana Yojana Sangha (JSYS). Janakalyan has implemented it in Deodurga taluk of Raichur district to improve the ground water condition as well as provide the surface water for irrigation to the farming communities.

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