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Governing Policies

Janakalyan is governed by various policies as adopted by its General Body/Governing Board from time to time based on the requirements in addition to its registered MoA & Byelaws. The Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Byelaws of JANAKALYAN are the instruments which governs the operation of all the activities of JANAKALYAN. One can obtain a copy of the same by requesting Janakalyan in writing. Other important policies which are in vogue in Janakalyan are listed below.

  1. Janakalyan Service Rules 2001: Janakalyan has a Personnel Policy as guiding principles for the organization to deal with the employees. Download the policy for reference
  2. Janakalyan Procurement Policy 2005: The Procurement Policy of Janakalyan was approved by its Governing Board in 2005 and is being practiced in operation of Janakalyan; it is a document that guides the team in purchase, source and dispose of the materials required in day to day activities of Janakalyan. Download the policy for reference
  3. Janakalyan Gender Policy 2007: JANAKALYAN Gender Policy seeks to treat all people in a fair and equitable manner, and to address any inequalities that exist in projects, programs, services, and training activities of Janakalyan. This new drive towards gender equality is both necessary and timely, and is also designed to improve the performance of the organization by tapping and fully utilizing the skills, talents and opportunities of both women and men. The Janakalyan Gender Policy is somewhat unique in that it not only addresses the issues of its staff, but it is also concerned with the way we treat those we serve and those we train. During the process of formulating our gender policy, we have learnt that many of our principles are global; their application must be adapted to the local situation and we will continue to modify these policies as we discover new applications for them. Download the policy for reference
  4. Janakalyan Investment Policy 2011: This is a document which guides the team to investment and manage the funds of the organization in more constitutional manner as per the provision of Income Tax Act, 1961. Download the policy for reference
  5. Janakalyan Sexual Harassment Policy 2011: The Sexual Harassment Policy ensures that the female staffs in the organization and also in the field are safe and their issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner. Basically it provides a space and grievance redressing mechanism within the organization. Download the policy for reference


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