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Jan Shiksha is a product of Janakalyan through which it attempts to impart education to unreached children, illiterate women and farmers so that a learned world is created in rural India. The learning may not be the bookish learning only but may cover up the life skills and tradition knowledge transfer too. The detailed activities can be viewed in Jan Shiksha and donations through page shall be used exclusively for implementation of the set of activities narrated in the page.

{Donor’s Benefit}

  1. Donors will be exempted from tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961
  2. A feedback report with “Name of child, age, class, home address, school name & address, benefits given, date of utilization of donation, background etc.” shall be provided by Janakalyan within 6 months of donation.
  3. A photograph of the beneficiary would also be provided to the donor.
  4. Donor can also be linked to the beneficiary directly upon request.


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