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“Animals, especially the cows are most important animals in present day Indian agriculture context”

Cow represents the Divine Mother that sustains all human beings and brings them up as her very own offspring, much as a mother shows the highest mark of affection for her young. In fact, cow milk is substitute for mother milk in adverse situation, cow dung is used for soil health improvement, and cow urine is used for plant protection. It is in this conception that the cow is understood as Kamadhenu, the wish filling mythical cow. In the present days agriculture scenario of India, farming is difficult without cow.

Hence to take care of this innocent and self-sacrificing animal is a matter of moral duty. Considerations of conscience aside, it was natural that in a predominantly agricultural and pastoral country like India, cows were and to some extent still are, considered to be the real wealth of the people. After all it is the cow that gives birth to the bulls, bulls that are harnessed to plough the fields and to provide transportation. And then of course, there is the mild-milk that is cultured to become yoghurt--yoghurt which is churned to produce butter--butter which is converted into ghee or clarified butter that in India is used as cooking medium. In addition to this, there is paneer or cottage cheese and butter-milk. Indians cannot forget khoya and mana - the other milk derivatives used in preparation of sweets. No wonder the cow is considered the backbone of rural society.

“Mother Cow, you protect me and my earth mother but never ask me to pay back.” As a cultured human being, I have a role to play towards your well being, though one can never give back what you have given me, but still this is just an effort towards this direction.......


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