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About Janakalyana....!

Janakalyan is an Institution for Innovation Integrated Inspiring Interventions led by a team of dedicated professionals committed for people’s empowerment. It is presently working in the northern districts of Karnataka with various activities. Its thrust area being empowerment of the underprivileged sections of the society all the programs are implemented through institutions of people of both genders. It believes that education is the backbone of the society; given education the development will take place automatically.

It has learnt through its experience that making agriculture a profitable enterprise is an important issue and is a cause for Illiteracy, thus Unemployment and Poverty in rural Bharat. All these are interlinked and can be eradicated if the root cause is uprooted. Presently it has few major programs implemented through institutions of people to eradicate the root causes of poverty. These innovative programs are-


  1. Jan Sanghatan (Community Organizing) - Community Empowerment through institution building
  2. Jan Krishi (Innovation in Agriculture) - Livelihood Improvement Program by making agriculture
  3. Jan Jal (Water Resource Development) - Water Harvesting for Drinking and Irrigation
  4. Jan Shiksha (Reaching the Unreached) – Educate the rural mass through formal and informal methods
  5. Jan Raksha (Health for All) – Ensure health of all animals including human beings
  6. Jan Shakti (Renewable Energy Harnessing) – Ensure renewable sources of energy harnessing at
    homes & farms
  7. Jan Udyog (Entrepreneurship Development) – Imbibe entrepreneurial qualities among
    1st generation entrepreneurs
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