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Smt Sheela Sikdar is a small holder of R H Colony No.3 of Sindhanur taluk in Raichur district. She has 2 daughters to take care of while has no source of income. Her husband is a social worker and thus takes less care of the family and children. Her 3-acre land is located in the tail end of Tungabhadra irrigation project having 2-extremes of water availability. The standing crops inundate when the upper reach farmers leave the excess water along the canal during rainy season while it dries up for the want of irrigation during peak season when upper reach farmers do not leave any water until they satisfy their irrigation requirements.
As part of livelihood improvement through water harvesting project of Janakalyan, volunteers identified her as a beneficiary and assisted to excavate a water harvesting structure in her farm. She was also trained about Intensified Integrated Farming System of Janakalyan to practice diversified cropping pattern with multiple sources of income.
Sheela as well as many others have become self-reliant within 3-years of intervention of Janakalyan. The participating farmers have secured their livelihood through this unique intervention by earning more than Rs.500 every day from sale of vegetables, milk, firewood, fish in addition to the annual harvest of crops.

{The Ask}

The tail end of any irrigation projects in India are exposed to 2-extremes of water availability. During rainy season the crops are inundated when the upper reach farmers leave the excess water along the canal; similarly, the crops get dried up in peak season when the upper reach farmers do not leave any water until they satisfy their irrigation needs. In both situations, losers are the tail end farmers due to water; moreover, the farmers keep part of their land fallow assuming the water availability in peak season. Janakalyan has come up with an innovative model for these tail end farmers to create a water harvesting structure in the fallow part of the land to store excess water thereby avoiding inundation and use the same water for lifesaving irrigation during peak season to avoid drying up. This cost about a lakh rupee but the farmers needs some push factor in order to secure their livelihoods. We seek a support of Rs.31555/-

Cost Breakup of ONE UNIT:

Sl. No


Amount in Rs


Hiring a Hitachi for excavation of water harvesting structure



Average administrative cost for identifying beneficiaries, training and on farm support to demonstrate the diversified cropping package



Balance amount for excavation to be shared by the farmer (Rs.65000)




{Donor’s Benefit}

  1. Donors will be exempted from tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961
  2. A feedback report with “Name of child, age, class, home address, school name & address, benefits given, date of utilization of donation, background etc.” shall be provided by Janakalyan within 6 months of donation.
  3. A photograph of the beneficiary would also be provided to the donor.
  4. Donor can also be linked to the beneficiary directly upon request.


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