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Provide a bright future to a poor but meritorious student by sponsoring his / her college education for a year

Education itself is critical inputs

Sangappa is 2nd son of Late Basappa Shankaragouda; he is now studying B.Tech (Agriculture Engg) II year in College of Agricultural Engineering, Raichur. He is extremely good in studies and also very punctual and obedient to the teachers. Unfortunately he lost his father after 1st year of his admission and it was difficult for his mother to support his education in addition to his 2 siblings. He was determined to continue his education and thus applied for education loan from the banks but as his father left no assets including land, the bank regretted the support; he had no option but to drop his education….

Janakalyan came to know about this through the honorable president (who is professor in the same college) supported Sangappa (in recognition of outstanding performance) for continuation of the studies by paying Rs.1500 per month towards the mess and college expenses in addition to the meagre support by his mother.

Today, Mr. Sangappa is continuing his education in the College of Agricultural Engineering Raichur with the small support of Apna Janakalyan board member and he is doing well in his studies.

{The Ask}
There are many poor but meritorious students who could not pursue their education after school final in their own village due to severe poverty at home; such children approach Janakalyan every year with a request to support their education. These children, if does not receive the critical support, goes out of the track and become cheap labor in order to feed him/herself and the family. With due attention of the society, the same child could have become a well educated citizen of the country to contribute for its development.

Janakalyan plans to identify such needy children from its operational villages and support their career building and sought the support of kind-hearted people like you to adopt one such child and help them build their career.

Generally, after the results of 10th, 12th is announced. It is decided that the amount would be paid directly to the institution towards the admission and other fees of the institution (which are mostly semester based) including hostel and mess charges for the year. Even if the admission fee is paid, there are monthly expenses towards hostel and mess for which the help would be utilized. Hence this DO can be utilized in any part of the year. We will help students in technical courses including Diploma and Degrees/PG. UAS, Engineering Colleges, Diploma Colleges of North Karnataka (this would be huge list to name all) are some of the colleges.

Cost Breakup of ONE UNIT:

Sl. No


Amount in Rs


Amount paid to institution directly for educational / hostel support



Admin charges



Parent bears balance cost  needed (More than Rs.50000)





{Donor’s Benefit}

  1. Donors will be exempted from tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961
  2. A feedback report with “Name of child, age, class, home address, school name & address, benefits given, date of utilization of donation, background etc.” shall be provided by Janakalyan within 6 months of donation.
  3. A photograph of the beneficiary would also be provided to the donor.
  4. Donor can also be linked to the beneficiary directly upon request.


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