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Smt Yankamma is a widow of Mr. Sanna Dyavanna of Hedaginal village of Sindhanur taluk in Raichur district. She has a son and a daughter to take care of while has no source of income than washing clothes and ironing for others. Her only son is mentally retarded and lived in a hut which was washed away in recent flood along with all belongings. Thus she is in hand to mouth situation and fully dependent on doll and ration.
As part of livelihood restoration project of Janakalyan, volunteers identified her as a critical beneficiary and provided an iron box with a wooden table, a bucket and detergent powders. Though, she was not able to earn as much as she was earning in normal days but can manage her small family without depending on doll-ration provided by government / philanthropic agencies.
Yankamma as well as many others have become self-reliant immediately in the aftermath of flood by the intervention of volunteers of Janakalyan. Artisans like tailor, blacksmith, carpenter, barber, mason, washer-man and wage-earners and farmers have secured their livelihood through this unique intervention. The shepherd communities were supported with sheep / goat to restore their livelihoods.

{The Ask}
In the aftermath of any natural disaster, government as well as philanthropic agencies starts providing doll & ration while Janakalyan approach was different and unique in restoring the livelihood of flood affected families. It was in the month of October 2009, when the flood inundated many villages and thousands of acres standing crops in operational villages of Janakalyan. Janakalyan assessed the needs of these communities very scientifically and found that if we go on rationing these families there is no logical end. Instead, if we provide a pair of sickle to the wage-earning families, they start earning Rs.125 per day per person; similarly an iron box with a table to a washer-man helps him to earn Rs.200 per day; a harrow / plow to a farmer having a pair of bullock can help him to earn Rs.300 per day and so many. A small intervention can make them self-reliant on the very next day while doll-rationing might not find an end. Janakalyan adopted the same concept and helped more than 100 artisans, wage-earners and farmers to secure their livelihood in a short span of time in 2009-10. We will continue helping them because livelihood restoration would take few years for these devastated villages; at least 3-5 years from now.

Cost Breakup of ONE UNIT:

Sl. No


Amount in Rs


Partial cost for artisan tool kit  for blacksmith 
Or carpenter
Or mason
Or tailor (sewing machine)
Or dhobi (iron box with a table)
Or  agriculture tool kit



Average administrative cost for identifying beneficiaries, purchase and transport items from town to villages



Balance amount for the tool kit is managed by  the NGO




{Donor’s Benefit}

  1. Donors will be exempted from tax u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961
  2. A feedback report with “Name of child, age, class, home address, school name & address, benefits given, date of utilization of donation, background etc.” shall be provided by Janakalyan within 6 months of donation.
  3. A photograph of the beneficiary would also be provided to the donor.
  4. Donor can also be linked to the beneficiary directly upon request.


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